Integrated Talent Management

  • Is your top talent in the most critical roles to grow your business?
  • Do you compensate your employees based on key leadership skills?
  • Does your development program incorporate career aspirations?

Recruitment, orientation, assessment, and development are all connected. Decisions in one area impact results in the others. Without an integrated program, your leaders and employees remain confused on the skills most valued and rewarded at your company.

At best-in-class companies…

  • 47% identify and develop high potential employees earlier in their careers
  • 60% automate some or all aspects of the talent management cycle
  • 53% use analytics to translate talent information into data that drive business decisions

For clients looking to integrate their approach to talent management, Bold Road can:

  • Redesign the performance review process and link to compensation
  • Implement a talent assessment and succession planning program
  • Create a retention program and hold leaders accountable for results
  • Communicate core competencies and link to desired company culture